FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to CRIFC?

We are located along Route 56 between Cessna and Fishertown.   

What should we wear - what do others wear to church on Sunday mornings?

Good question!  At CRIFC, you will find a variety of dress styles. There are many people who like to dress up and there are many who like to be more casual in their dress. You will see nice suits all the way to very casual attire. So we would encourage you to dress as you are used to in other churches or whatever makes you comfortable.

What is the Sunday Schedule?

Sunday school classes start at 8:45. The worship service begins at 10:00.

How can I find the right Sunday School class?

We offer a wide variety of Sunday school classes for children, youth, and adults. Our preschool, children, and youth are in classes based upon their age and are all located in our fellowship center (downstairs).

There are three adult classes.  One class meets in the sanctuary and uses a standard church quarterly curriculum. Another class meets downstairs in the fellowship center and is currently studying the book of 1 Corinthians.  There is a wide variety of adult ages in both classes. The third class is young adults and they meet downstairs in a classroom.

What should I bring to church?

We recommend that you bring your Bible.  Many people also like to bring a notebook and a pen.  Nothing is required.  So bring what you are comfortable bringing.

How can I join the choir?

There are no requirements for joining the choir other than coming to practice. We practice on Wednesday nights at 8:00.

Is childcare available during worship service?

We have a nursery for infants up through age 3. The nursery is located upstairs from the sanctuary. Feel free to take your child there during any of our services. Children ages 4 through 12 start in the main service, but will be invited to go downstairs to "children's church" after the announcements. Parents need to go down to the fellowship center after the service to pick up their children.