Children's Prayer Ministry

We have been so blessed with the number of youth and children who attend our church.  Every day they face challenges t o their faith.  We as adults need to be praying for them, but we also need to be praying for our children even before they are of school age.

On February 1, 2022, we began the tenth year of this special ministry to our children and youth.

We adults who chose to participate were given the name of one of our youth or children. We have been asked to commit to praying for that young person every day.  We have also been asked to send cards of encouragement on occasion to our child or youth, as well as at holidays and on birthdays.  We are permitted to give them small gifts for their birthday or on a holiday (especially at Christmas).

If you missed getting involved in this special ministry this year, you can still pray for our children.  Then look for the sign-up  sheets again in January.