Children's Church

Children are included in the opening of the worship service. After worship, children ages 4-12 are invited downstairs to participate in children's church. Children's church activities include Bible study, fun activities, creative projects, and application of biblical principles.

We use the Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) by Answers in Genesis during Children's Church. ABC contains lessons that will take our students chronologically through the Bible, starting in Genesis. This curriculum is apologetics-focused and also includes an application section.

Children are divided into three classes.

  • Younger class:  age 4 - Kindergarten
  • Middle class:  First - Third Grade
  • Older Class:  Fourth Grade - 12 years old
The curriculum is written in the English Standard Version (ESV) format. With that in mind, each child receives an ESV Bible to take home. We ask that the students bring their Bible each week to use in class. We're also encouraging them to learn the memory verses for each unit. The younger class has one memory verse for each 10-week unit. The middle and older class have two memory verses per 10-week unit. If they can recite the memory verse(s) at the end of the unit they will get a prize!

Sunday School

Sunday school is provided for children pre-school through high school.  We have age appropriate classes and groups and seek to partner with families to disciple their children in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Sunday school provides a safe relationship and investment into our children’s lives.

Kids' Club Bible Study

Kids' Club is for children ages 4 -12 and is held on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:00. 


Nursery service is provided for children 3 and under during our worship service. The nursery is located upstairs.

Vacation Bible School - TBD

In addition to our Bible lessons, we will have lots of music, games, and snacks.